Studio Signas is a progressive design studio with its' eyes on the big league. Our team is composed of young designers and programmers out to make a name in the industry. We love to explore new things and combine it with design fundamentals to create something unique in every industry we serve.

With Studio Signas, you don't negotiate with a sales person, you talk directly to the managing director and lead designer. This is why customers love us. They do not have to wait long hours for replies and decisions, or weeks for simple revisions. We hate red tape. We do what needs to be done fast so you can focus more on things that matters the most - your business.


Many do not succeed because they simply fail to plan effectively. So Studio Signas will guide you through the planning and main production process; from identifying problems and opportunities, to conceptualization and execution to materialize your vision.
Based on more than three years of design experience, we have developed a project flow that we have segmented into several phases. Once you send us an inquiry asking if we are available to work on your project and we answered yes, we now start with Step 1:

  • Kindly fill out the Online Design Brief
  • We will submit a Time and Cost Estimate
  • Review estimate and decide whether our offer is something you will be comfortable with
  • Should you are happy with our offer, we sign a service contract and move to step 2
  • We will set a meeting to learn about your goals and vision for the project
  • We will gather info and materials from your company and competitors
  • We will submit a Project plan containing the timeline, tasks, and resources needed
  • Once you approve the Project Plan, we move to step 3
  • First, we focus on what the your customers need and want
  • Next we determine how we could make meaning connections by satisfying their wants
  • Then we translate our ideas and your vision into several working designs
  • Once you approve a design, we move to step 4
  • Based on the project plan and approved initial design, we create all the necessary aspects of the project (organization, graphics, copy, etc.)
  • We piece everything together and present you a main design with several variations
  • We will revise the design until you are happy, then we move to step 5
  • nce you are happy with our design, we then look at every detail of the design, paying close attention to quality and impact to our audience
  • We test every functionality of to make sure everything works
  • Once everything has passed our quality checks, the project is ready for launch!

User Friendly
Users should be the at the center of every website’s attention. Your website must convince them to stay and browse the website in just a few seconds. Studio Signas will make sure that they find what they are looking for quickly and intuitively.

Eye Candy
Have stunning designs to wow your audience’ eyes. We will make sure your website will boost your branding to a diverse tastes of clients and prospects.

Search Engine Friendly
Get found in the web! Have quality content that will not just catch the attention of the users, but search engines as well. We will help you achieve high search engine rating to get your websites on the top of search lists.



Your print materials should stand out from lots of visual noise in the market today. Studio Signas will help you make a solid first impression that would rule out the competition.

Lasting Impression
Your materials will have better retention if the information is designed and segmented according to its' level of importance. We will make sure that we emphasize your messages that matters the most to leave a lasting positive impression.

Generous White Space
Elements that would do not add value to your materials will make your materials less effective. We will help you choose the right amount of information, right amount of graphics, and take out unnecessary stuff and replace it with white space for a more professional look.



Your Brand = Superstar
In every great movie, there is a star that gets supported by everyone else. Your brand is the star and all audio and video elements will work together to build up your image. Studio Signas will carefully plan every detail, from storyboard and intro to the animations and the grand finale. With us, your brand is a superstar.

International Picture Quality
Filipinos now have higher standards when it comes to videos. They are getting exposed to videos from around the world through YouTube and Facebook. At Studio Signas, we will give you only the best quality videos using tools and techniques to deliver video graphics at par with international studios.

Fit for your Target Audience
A lot of companies now use videos not just for TV, but for online streaming because it is very cost effective. We will help you produce videos that would appeal to TV viewers and online streaming audience so you will get the best of both worlds.



High Impact
In the world of advertising photography, there is a big difference between good photos and high impact photos. A good photo gets attention, a high impact photo commands attention. At Studio Signas, we will make sure that we give you only the best photos from professional photographers to WOW your clients and make them love you even more!

Tells a Story
A great photo tells a story. With the right composition, a photo becomes like a poem, creates tension, rouses emotions, even makes people hungry or thirsty. We understand the how much our clients value their creations. We will make sure that we capture the every story your brand has to tell.

Color, in all aspects of art, deliver mood and tone. We at studio Signas, focus strongly on color, ambient lighting and the mood of your photos and we'll deliver to you the emotion and mood that fits your needs.